January 2020 Sturgeon Bay | Winter Fleet  Lay-up

I flew my drone over by Ficantieri Bay Ship Building in Sturgeon Bay and observed the large freighters parked along the shore.  Each year, the Annual Winter Lay-up takes place in Sturgeon Bay.  These large impressive freighters arrive at the Fincantieri Bay Ship Yard to seek refuge and be serviced during their down months away from their duties of hauling cargo around the Great Lakes.  Ranging from 500’ to 1,000’ long, these massive ships are carefully guided through all three of Sturgeon Bay’s bridges by tugboat to ensure safe passage.  They are carefully parked side-by-side to receive routine maintenance by the skilled men and women of Fincantieri Bay Ship Building.  This year we count as many as twelve ships including the James Barker, American Integrity, Edgar B. Speer, Roger Blough, Thunder Bay, Wilfred Sykes, Mesabi Miner, John G. Munson, Joseph L. Block and others. #dronephotography #sturgeonbay #doorcountywinter #winterfleet #bayshipbuilding #greatlakes