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Chicken Portraits

This year I attended the Brown County Fair.  As I wandered the barns at the Brown County Fair, I have always been fascinated by the shapes and colors of the chickens I see being displayed.

I approached a mother, Erica Goral, an 8th-grade science teacher at a local Brown County school.  Erica’s children and members of the Morrison 4-H, Mollie, and Max were displaying their prize-winning chickens at the Brown County Fair. Mollie took home the First Place ribbon and Brown County Fair 2022 Bred & Owned Champion.

I asked Erica if we could do “Chicken Portraits” of her kid’s chickens.  She agreed and the following week, I brought out a small studio and set up in their shed.  Once we were set up, Mollie and Max brought me as many chickens as I wanted to photograph.  And what you see here is eleven different breeds of poultry they have in their chicken coops  A big thanks to the Goral Family, Mom, Erica, and siblings, Mollie & Max. #chickens #poultry #agriculturelife #agriculture #farmlife #farm