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Snow Crown Series | Fatty Shack Fat Tire Race

at Hilly Haven, De Pere, WI

It’s winter in Wisconsin.  We do winter well and know how to make our own fun.  And this day, I found myself at Hilly Haven Golf Course which uses its property 12 months a year.  Including trails for Fat Tire biking in the winter.

This day was the Snow Crown Fatty Shack race offering races for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and elite racers.

Using slow shutter speeds, (1/15, 1/20, 1/25), and the flash, I would pan my subject as they rode by creating the blur.  The flash would fire during the exposure which would freeze the subject.  The trick is to match the strength of the flash with the ambient light.  Each image is distinctly different as a result.  Plus the rider’s colored attire and colored bike also added dramatic color to each photograph.

For this photo nerd, this was more fun than I should be allowed.  Enjoy!

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