Buckfast Honey Bees

I got into the hive! A friend of mine, Brian Bangert, has a beehive making honey. And allowed me to come in with my close-up lens to create these photos of his Buckfast worker bees. As I photographed these bees, Brian said my back was covered with bees. Yet I didn’t get stung. #bees #honey #beehive #buckfastbees

According to Wikipedia, The Buckfast bee is a breed of honey bee, a cross of many subspecies and their strains, developed by Brother Adam (born Karl Kehrle in 1898 in Germany), who was in charge of beekeeping from 1919 at Buckfast Abbey in Devon in the United Kingdom. Breeding of the Buckfast bee is now done by breeders throughout Europe belonging to the Federation of European Buckfast Beekeepers (G.D.E.B.).[1] This organization maintains a pedigree for Buckfast bees,[2] originating from the time of Brother Adam.

The technical term for beekeeping is Apiculture.  And a beehive may also be called an apiary.  The base of the word comes from the Latin word “apis” meaning “bee”, leading to “apiarium” or “beehouse” and eventually “apiary.”