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Contour Farming in Wisconsin

It’s the end of August and I just finished shooting a job on the west side of Wisconsin. I decided to drive back through the farmland and the Driftless area of southwestern Wisconsin. And fly my drone at stops along the way. I knew I would come across farmers cutting their fields. However, to my surprise, I found these wonderful designs in the agricultural landscape created by farmers and the crops they plant and harvest.
I’m told this is called Contour Farming. According to Wikipedia, Contour Farming or Contour plowing is the farming practice of plowing and/or planting across a slope following its elevation contour lines. Britannica describes it as: Contour Farming, the practice of tilling sloped land along lines of consistent elevation in order to conserve rainwater and to reduce soil losses from surface erosion. Visually, the results are beautiful. This is another reason why I love living here! #farm #agriculture #countourfarming #wisconsin #driftlesswisconsin #dronewisconsin