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The Great River Road along the Mississipi River

After I finished shooting a job in Iowa, I decided to take the scenic road home along the Great River Road, (Hwy 35). I got on the road at Prairie du Chien, WI and followed it north to La Crosse, WI. I stopped along the way at a number of spots and flew my drone to create photographs. What you see here are the many barges that work along the Mississippi. What a great opportunity. I might have to return when the colors turn in the fall.

The Great River Road of Wisconsin brags a length of 250 miles and includes 33 River towns.  According to it’s website, Great River Road-Wisconsin, “The miles of wetlands and untouched river-bottom forests that run along more than two thirds of the Wisconsin Great River Road are a result of an Act of Congress in 1924 that established the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge. The beautiful pools and winding channels that you see on the Mississippi River today are a result of the Lock and Dam system built in the 1930s.”

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